Freshly Baked Pie

Every day we freshly bake a variety of seasonal flavours and serve them with ice cream, whipped cream or cheese.

The tradition of pies

The main purpose of a pastry shell was to act as a baking dish or serving vessel, which was often too hard to actually eat. The first pies were mostly savoury meat pies, a casserole with the crust acting as the pan.

Today, it is tradition to serve the fruits of the season in pie form - pumpkin at Thanksgiving, rhubarb in spring and peach during the August summer harvest.

We’re offering a daily selection of pies, baked fresh using the harvest’s ingredients.

Pies at Ancaster Mill

Pies have been a longstanding tradition of the Ciancone family and the Ancaster Mill. Aunt Susan has been baking the pies on our Sunday Brunch for years. Most famous is her Pecan Pie! The Ciancone family holds amazing pie recipes that have been passed down through the generations. We look forward to sharing these celebrated pies throughout the year.