The Miller's Chapel

Construction on the new Miller's Chapel at Ancaster Mill has begun. Perched on the hilltop, next to the stream, this picturesque chapel will provide the perfect ambiance for a wedding ceremony. A majestic fireplace will frame the altar, while arched timber trusses and elegant light fixtures create a beautiful ceremonial setting.

Completion date: May 1st, 2016


A bridge has been installed that will lead guests across the stream to our new Miller's Chapel. Once complete, this bridge will provide another amazing photo opportunity for our wedding couples. 


Exterior walls and windows have been installed, sheltering the inside from the elements and making it look more and more like a chapel every day. 

Img 1752
Img 1753

Timber trusses are one of the many architectural features we're excited about in this project. Both decorative and structurally important, the exposed beams lend themselves to the grandeur and importance of a wedding ceremony. 

Chapel fireplace
Chapel fireplace2

A main focal point inside the Miller's Chapel will be a majestic fireplace that frames the alter. This stone structure will stretch from floor to ceiling, creating a backdrop for couples saying "I do". Pictured here is the beginning of this fireplace - still a lot of work to make it picture-perfect! 

Ch 1
Ch 2
Ch 3

The stone fireplace is coming along nicely. We can already picture our wonderful couples saying 'I do' in front of it!

Chapel feb1
Chapel feb2
Chapel feb3

More fireplace pictures (it's just so beautiful), plus we've got drywalled walls! Picking paint samples and unpacking chandeliers as we speak... it won't be long now.

Details from inside the chapel... The mezzanine now has a beautiful new glass railing and the chandeliers have been hung. A wood mantel graces the fireplace. 

Chapel rendering  email 1