As fall approaches and we start to see the leaves changing, our days get a little darker, a little cooler and that rich dampness sets in. As Ontarians, our cravings change from light and bright peaches, tomatoes and BBQ, to heartier and richer carrots, squash and roasts.

Mushrooms, in all their shapes, sizes, colours, textures represent this exciting time of year. When out on an Autumn stroll, we feel incredibly lucky to find a puffball or a patch of shiitakes and we revel in our found treasure.

There is a mysticism around mushrooms – are they edible, poisonous, magical... Foraging mushrooms becomes a study and a lifestyle. People are protective over their patches and watch for them before someone finds them first.

Mycophagy is the act of consuming mushrooms and it dates back to ancient times. Edible mushroom species have been found in association with 13,000-year- old archaeological sites in Chile. The first reliable evidence of mushroom consumption dates to several hundred years BC in China. The Chinese value mushrooms for medicinal properties as well as for food. Ancient Romans and Greeks, particularly the upper classes, used mushrooms for culinary purposes. Food tasters were employed by Roman emperors to ensure that mushrooms were safe to eat.

We hope that you enjoy these early fall foods and the flavours of our forests.

As the seasons change, so do our menus. We’re always featuring a different theme or ingredient that highlights the moment. To celebrate Autumn, we’re featuring mushrooms found in our forests. View our current menu here.