The flavours of Spring come mainly in the form of perennials. We are all familiar with the tulip, but many edible forms of perennials survive our harsh winters and continue to pop up year after year. Wild ramps and morels in the forest we walk through, young rhubarb and asparagus in our gardens - the growing season has started.

We hope to see you often to celebrate the seasons. Click here for our Perennial Menus.

Ramps (Wild Leeks)

Ramps, also known as wild leeks, are the first edible signs of Spring. They represent an exciting time for chefs. They are the cue to set aside the cellared vegetables, get outside, and celebrate the summer harvests to come. 

We are very fortunate at our restaurant to be nestled into the escarpment, surrounded by forests and streams. A short walk into the woods during the Spring and it's a chefs foraging dream! Much of our perennial menu items are local to Ancaster - you just need to walk with your head down and your eyes open to what's around you.  

Ramps have a delicate oniony, garlicky flavour. They are perfect in soups, sauces or simply grilled on their own. 

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