The Farm

The Farm is an extension of Pearle Hospitality's Earth to Table food philosophy. With a group of restaurants that focus on creating a connection with farming and creating a menu that highlights the best that each season has to offer, The Farm was the natural progression.

Sitting on 100 acres in Flamborough, Ontario, The Farm is a FarmStart Incubator site and home to The Butchery, where our Artisan Butcher is hand selecting and dry-aging the most succulent Craft Cut Premium Steak for our restaurants. A fun and educational environment, The Farm welcomes class trips and educational programs, helping to link “earth” to “table”.

Though still in its early stages, The Farm has already begun to supply our restaurants with fruits and vegetables and our Craft Cut Premium Steak. The recent planting of seedlings is the first step toward The Orchard, and in true Pearle Hospitality fashion, The Farm is a prime destination for weddings and all of life's special occasions.

The possibilities here are endless!


As a FarmStart Incubator location, The Farm provides an opportunity for new farmers to begin to grow food for the community. FarmStart is a program that supports and encourages a new generation of farmers to develop locally based, ecologically sound and economically viable agricultural enterprises. The Farm is providing this new generation of farmers with the space and resources they need to take that first step to becoming farmers.

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